Skill Preview (3/16-3/22)
Monday – Deadlift
Tuesday – Back Squat
Wednesday – Clean and Jerk
Thursday – FunCon (3×10:00 Wods)
Friday – Press
Saturday – Engine Builder
Sunday – FunCon (Murph Prep)

Wells Street Fitness – Functional Conditioning

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Ghost on Tren (Time)

10 rounds of:

1 minute of rowing (calories)

1 minute of burpees

1 minute of double-unders

1 minute rest

There is no transition/rest time between exercises. This should be a sustainable/repeatable effort for all 10 rounds, The goal is to push yourself over the course of the full workout, while staying consistent in your scores for each exercise/round. We should not see significant drop offs between round 1 and round 10